39 Ways To Grill Vegetables That'll Show Meat Who's Boss

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Think veggies are just a boring side dish? Please.

When it's nice and sunny out, you can catch us outside come mealtime all summer long. Don't get us wrong we love throwing burgers, hot dogs, seafood, and more on the grill, but sometimes our favorite things (the ones we dream about when the weather dips again) are the VEGGIES. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our favorite 39 recipes for grilled vegetables here, everything from simple instructions (just how long do those zucchini take?) to sides made with your grill-charred produce. Our greatest tip? Make extra!

If you’ve never grilled veggies before (or just aren't that confident about it yet!), start simple with some basics, like grilled corn on the cob, grilled broccoli, grilled carrots, grilled potatoes (or sweet potatoes), or even grilled romaine lettuce. Have some grilled veg and want to take it to the next level? Try turning it into a salad or side, like we did with corn in our grilled corn salad, our grilled corn salsa, or our grilled creamed corn. You could also pop them onto skewers, like we did in our Buffalo cauliflower kebabs, our zucchini & cauliflower skewers with feta, or our veggie kebabs.

Speaking of skewers, they’re one of the best ways to guarantee you won’t lose any precious veg to the depths of your grill. Another good way? Foil! Check out our grilled green beans or our top foil packs for tips.

And don’t forget about condiments! You can turn average ones into spectacular ones by first charring them on the grill. Check out our grilled avocados (and our grilled guacamole), our grilled tomatoes, and our grilled onion blossoms to see what we mean.

Want even more grill ideas? Check out our favorite grilled fruit recipes and our favorite weeknight dinners on the grill too.

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