59 Summer Pasta Recipes That Feature All Our Favorite Veggies

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You'll love these easy, light pasta dishes that celebrate summer produce AND get you out of your kitchen, fast.

We can all agree: there’s nothing better, easier, or more family-friendly than a weeknight pasta dinner. Once summer hits, though, some of our cheesy, heavy, carby favorites aren’t quite as appetizing. When it’s hot out, all we want is fresh summer vegetables; simple, healthy dinners; and most of all, less time spent in our kitchens. Check our list of 59 summer pastas—you can make them all season long. 

When it comes to summer produce, we’re all about zucchini, eggplants, tomatoes, and sweet corn. You’ll find those veggies highlighted in these easy pasta dishes, but feel free to add them to your old standby favorites too. Tomatoes are an easy one, since we bet they’re already a main ingredient in lots of your go-to pasta dishes. Try swapping in fresh heirloom varieties to our pasta pomodoro, our cherry tomato pasta, or our creamy vegan tomato pasta to take them from great to OMG. Outside of eggplant Parm, we don’t think rich and meaty eggplants are getting enough love. Summer is the perfect time to celebrate the deep purple vegetable, like in our pasta alla norma, our pasta moussaka, or our garlicky feta eggplant pasta. We love zoodles year-round, but they’re particularly satisfying in the summer. Another summer fave is zucchini—try it highlighted in our zucchini Bolognese, our mac & cheese stuffed zucchini, our caramelized lemon & zucchini pasta, and more. 

Another must for summertime meals? They’ve gotta be EASY. To help achieve this, we’ve included a number of our favorite pasta recipes that come together in just one pot. Try our one-pot shawarma chicken & orzo skillet, our one-pot creamy tortellini & greens, our one-pan creamy spinach-artichoke gnocchi, or our shrimp fettuccine Alfredo. They come together fast and with fewer dishes, so you can eat and then get back to enjoying everything the season has to offer. 

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